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Proudly Serving Communities Since 1991

Our mission at D.H. Bader Management Services, Inc. is to provide the most comprehensive, efficient, and effective method of management for homeowner associations and condominiums. We are dedicated to providing the most reliable, competent, and proactive management services available.
In a highly competitive environment, D.H. Bader Management Services seeks to distinguish itself by focusing on delivering superior personal service, and by building quality, and long lasting relationships with our clients.

Our Philosophy is that we believe the purpose of an Association is to protect and enhance the value of the community's property.

We help Associations accomplish this by closely working with the Board of Directors to provide, and employ, those services and actions necessary to maintain and enhance the community.

We accomplish this by:
  • Tailoring a management plan to meet the unique needs of each community
  • Keeping abreast of federal, state, county and city issues which may affect the community
  • Responding immediately to concerns, and issues, of residents and the Board of Directors
  • Processing information efficiently and effectively
  • Providing successful strategies to achieve client objectives, and
  • Maximizing returns, and minimizing risks

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