Joseph E.:

" The Management is doing a great job keeping the community safe and in top shape. They keep homeowners well informed about developments and/or changes in the community. They listen and respond to complaints from homeowners and promptly seek to resolve issues. Despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Management has ingeniously kept things running well and in touch with the members of the community as evidenced by the zoom board meeting on Wednesday, May 27, 2020. The meeting was very cordial and in a seemingly familiar atmosphere.:

Dr. Pritam S.:

"Prompt and courteous. Quick to respond and took care of my issues."

Revell P.:

"D. H. Bader Management has shown to be an exceptionally service-oriented business. Mr. Bader and his staff has gone above and beyond to make sure that our Homeowners Association is prepared for any future issues as well as any ongoing matters of the community. I highly recommend their Management Services because I serve on the HOA Board of our community and the assistance we received from D. H. Bader Management Services is more than we could ask for. From the administrator on up to the President, I can say that they have made themselves available to our many questions and provided outstanding advice on legal matters, financial matters and a host of other issues concerning the association.  Our community has been in good hands with tD. H. Bader Management Services".

Amir J.:

"I love the management of D. H. Bader Management Services as I have had the utmost pleasure of being a resident under their strong, yet kind leadership since 2016. I have corresponded with D. H. Bader on several matters and every single time I have had a constructive, highly professional response with a full resolution, within MINUTES!!! Which is quite extraordinary given my experience with various other association managements. On several occasions I brought small things to their attention that happened in the community and Teresa and Dave took right to it and wasted no time to immediately address the concerns and bring order to what was brought up to them. Additionally any permit work that I have had to request Teresa and Dave to allow, they have done it promptly, logically, and very accurately with high integrity and honesty. This management service is honest, hard working, and protective of its residents! They serve the people in their communities unlike other associations, which I have seen them act as police and not helpers!

All around I would highly and absolutely recommend D. H. Bader Management Services to anyone who seeks exceptional management and unparalleled service that is unique, and above and beyond! Kudos to Teresa and David Vaughn for their wonderfulness and their dedication to their residents".

Barbara D.:

"Teresa was ever so helpful to me on the instructions for the Zoom call for the Association meeting, she had the patience of Job. Teresa sent me an underlined copy of just what was needed to do. You are very fortunate to have her working for D. H. Bader Management Services. She is a keeper".

"I appreciate all the hard work that your staff especially Ms. Teresa DiTizio has put in to ensure that residents feel respected, valued, and comfortable within the community.  As a new homeowner I experienced some unforeseen challenges related to my new home. Ms. DiTizio was able to communicate step by step in a kind and professional manner how to resolve these issues. She responded to all my email communications in a timely fashion and was always available to speak directly to me if any further clarification was needed.  Thank you Ms. DiTizio, and the hard-working staff at D. H. Bader again for your efforts".


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