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Staff Directory
David H, Bader, CMCA®, AMS®, President
301-953-1955, Ext. 120


Anja Taylor, CMCA®, AMS®, Executive Assistant/ Community Association Manager
301-953-1955, Ext. 240

David Vaughn, AMS®, Community Association Manager
301-953-1955, Ext. 310

Doug Downs, CMCA®, AMS®, Community Association Manager
301-953-1955, Ext. 170

David Webster, CMCA®, Community Association Manager
301-953-1955, Ext.230


Gina Morris, B.A., Director of Financial Management
301-953-1955, Ext. 150

Clive Palma, Staff Accountant
301-953-1955, Ext. 110

Joe Bell, Financial Management Assistant
301-953-1955, Ext. 100

Emily Closson, Accounting Assistant
301-953-1955, Ext. 190


Tanya Hutton, Community Administrator
301-953-1955, Ext. 300

Teresa DiTizio, Community Administrator
301-953-1955, Ext. 280

Sharmayne Yates, Community Administrator
301-953-1955, Ext. 220

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